Aug 26

Restaurant Turns to Social Media to Revive Business – A Success Story

Restaurant Turns to Social Media to Revive Business - A Success Story - I found this online this morning - California Restaurant who was once struggling is now PACKED.  This is a great article. Thank you Amanda Goodhue

To Combat Economic Downturn, Asian-Fusion Restaurant Miru 8691 Utilizes Social Media To Pull In A Wave of New Customers From The Web Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

Chef Miru Jung's American Dream began 10 years ago when the Korean immigrant found a job as a dishwasher in Downtown LA. Chef Miru and his brother, Calvin, saved for years in order to open their eclectic Korean-American burger and sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills, Miru 8691. Their unique ingredients and gourmet presentation made them a quick local favorite, with popular menu items like the Kalbi burger, which includes filet mignon cubes cooked into the burger patty. Business had been growing steadily when the economy took a turn for the worse, and the Jung brothers found themselves struggling to get by once again.

Chef Miru decided to try Internet marketing as a last attempt to turn his business around, seeking help from Los Angeles-based firm, /excelamktg, to bring new customers in the door. /excelamktg owners Ashley Ranger & Dexter Hutchison sat down with Chef Jung, who exudes positivity and cooks up the #1 burger in America according to TheBurgerReview.com. After learning that the Jungs had next to no budget available for their services, they offered to provide a web facelift for free— the burgers are THAT good!

viagra generic In a matter of a few months, Miru 8691's web presence went from non-existent to hyperactive. A website revamp was first on the agenda, followed by the implementation of a social media strategy that includes Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Old and new customers alike are being drawn to Miru 8691 with special deals that can only be redeemed by joining their online network. The restaurant is now on the radar of food bloggers who praise Chef Miru's quality and presentation. There is even a feature on a major TV network set to air in the coming months.

Click the link to read on: http://news.yahoo.com/independent-restaurant-turns-social-media-revive-business-160413486.html

Pieces of the Puzzle Restaurant Turns to Social Media to Revive Business   A Success Story

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