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Email Marketing For Your Business – 4 Useful Tips

Email Marketing For Your Business - 4 Useful Tips

Here are 4 tips on how to make email marketing work for your business.

1. Ask customers to sign up  What's the point of an email marketing campaign if you don't have anyone to send anything? Here is an idea to get subscribers:  Offer a 10% discount on their next visit if they fill up a survey form that asks for their email address. Use promos – create a rewards program – tell a story – create yourself into a character. Anything to create interest and get your reader to open their email. 2. Avoid spam emails  There are requested emails and there are unrequested emails. Unrequested emails are also know as—you guessed it—spam email, and we all know spam email is the last thing we want to see when we open our personal inbox in the morning. Make sure to tell your customers you're receiving their email addresses and that they can expect to hear about the latest promos and events at your through their email. 3. Make your emails useful to your customers  The first thing that pops in the customer's mind once they see your email in their inbox is the question, "What's in it for me?" Too many business owners owner’s seem to think it's okay to send out emails every week talking about themselves or their business. But then, what's in it for your customers? Why should they care to open your email and invest two minutes of their morning reading it? In the words of Don Corleone, give them an offer they can't refuse with every email you send out. 4. When sending out emails, stick to a set schedule  Sending out too many emails could result to fewer customers. That's a fact. Spam isn't just about emails with no offers. A good rule of the thumb is to send out emails once a week. You need to create a relationship with your customers. If done correctly, they will be looking forward to receiving your emails. (This is not a presumption – it is a fact. We actually get phone calls if we miss a weekly email promotion). Email marketing is a double-edged sword – it could either make or break your business depending on how you plan to swing it into action. Follow the above tips and you should be reaping the benefits in no time. The alternative is do nothing and “get your clock cleaned” by the competitor who embraces the strategy.
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Pieces of the Puzzle Email Marketing For Your Business   4 Useful Tips

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