We Work With Small Business Owners That Are Struggling To Get More Customers.

How do we do that? We do it like this: first by assessing what marketing strategies are working for you already and determining how you can improve your current process. (take what is working and expand on it) We then look at some of your weak areas and come up with innovative ideas that you can implement right away with little risk. The low hanging fruit of you will. Then, we help you develop and implement a marketing system that will give you consistent results that you can eventually put on auto-pilot. Systems that will grow your business even when you are not there.”

We are a husband-wife team who together develop, design and implement direct response Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Our Personal Service Pledge To You We work with you to integrate and implement complete measurable money making marketing plans. From big picture ideas and ground level execution.
  • Are you tired of going to work, putting out fires and never really getting anything important done?
  • Do you sometimes get to the end of your day and wonder of you did anything to move your business forward?
  • Do you really ever end the day feeling you really got something accomplished?
  • Do you wish you could focus more on working ON your business instead of working IN your business?
  • Do you sometimes wish you had someone that could help you be more focused and to get more done?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you had a partner to bounce ideas off of who is completely independent of your business?
Who We Are: About Paul: "I literally grew up in business because my dad ran one out of the house. I had phone answering skills by the time I was 10 years old. I knew payroll tax tables and how to do payroll by the time I was 15. I learned everything I know about business from growing up in it. Watching and helping dad in "trial and error", and sometimes it seemed to be "trial and terror! I have been in business since I was about 15, working on a boat my dad owned. Taking care of people fishing and selling beer and soda.


I identified an opportunity with the beer and soda, and at the rip old age of 15 and figured out a way have the Budweiser truck deliver me 50 – 80 cases of beer a week to the boat. I bought at better prices than anyone else, could sell at a little lower a price than anyone else, and end up making more money than they did. I sold loads of beer and soda and was a real popular guy amongst my friends! [stextbox id="info"]I got into my first "Real" Business at the ripe young age of 24 and bought a boat of my own. (Actually, I bought the boat I was selling beer on, from dad). Since then, I have built, bought, enhanced and sold over 13 business corporations for myself, and have helped build and consulted, with many others[/stextbox] By about 2003, I  had "Sold-Out" of 12 corporations at a good profit and semi-retired at 47. Why I Do What I Do Time stands still when I am working on a strategy or angle to improve a business, put a deal together, and Make-The-Phone-Ring. Without the phone ringing, there is no business. What I do and what I know comes from actually doing it. "Street-Smart" is a term that comes to mind.
  • I didn't learn it in some classroom,
  • Didn't sit around in some company collecting a big fat check and watch other people work
  • Nor did I read a book or two and decide to go out and teach it.
I learned what I know from doing it - from:
  • "Been-There-Done-That" Knowledge
  • Actually "Getting My Hands Dirty."
  • "Trial and Error" -and sometimes "Trial and Terror"
Do you have a problem with marketing or systematization in your business? Would you like to learn about Affordable & Effective Marketing Systems and Strategies That Work for your business, contact me now. Tell you what .... Give me 17 minutes and if I don't show you at least 3 strategies for improving your business that you haven't thought of, or had time to learn about and you honestly feel you have wasted your time talking with me, I will write a check to for $100 in your name to the local "Meals-on-Wheels" program right there on the spot. [stextbox id="info"] One more thing: I said I sold out 12 corporations a a profit. I had 13. The 13th one I had to dump at a loss and that is why I now do what I do. I made a fatal mistake in that one which was not adapting to the "New" marketing technology and marketing systems. It cost me a fortune. Rather than taking in on the chin and stepping aside, I did the opposite and completely immersed myself in learning the "New" was of doing business. I have invested a couple hundred thousand dollars attending seminars, boot-camps, coaching (private & group) and generally learning everything I possible could until I...."Cracked-The-Code." [/stextbox]   Case Study 1: revenue increase of 150% in 120 days. (in an industry that was falling 30% a year.) Case Study 2: customer traffic increase of 46% and phone call increase of 300% in 4 weeks. Net Profit Before Taxes Up An ASTONISHING 673%!  How did we do that? By implementing 2 simple and in-expensive strategies explained in this blog post. (June - July of 2011) Case Study 3: in the past 3 weeks, this new client has broken every single "in-season" record since opening 2 years ago, and this is "off-season"! As of Today, August 2, 2011, this business is up 34% for July 2011 over July 2010.   About Troy: From an early age-exactly 5th grade- I knew that I wanted to be in the Design Industry.  I did get that done, and also found my self in various Teaching, Consulting, Retail, and Business Owner capacities During those varied experiences, I was able to take the best of any of those industry positions and leave off the not so great things.  It boils down to this: Enjoyed the public and working on solutions for them, and also strategies that would make business better for them either, as my client or as a B2B entities themselves. Having said that, it seemed to follow that consulting for businesses from an 'insider' standpoint, I have been able to effect the most positive change for my clients.  I enjoy the almost automatic and instant results that marketing businesses provides. When the phone starts to ring- that is when you know you've done a great job! When the client gives you a great big BEAR HUG- well that is and even bigger indication you are doing something right! I look forward to the constant change, and new technologies and how those technologies can work for my hungry fishes(my clients!) Once they see a little bit of what you do, and you only basically "tweaked" what they started but just needed a spark now THAT is powerful!

If You KNEW that with only a minor change to something as basic as email marketing strategies, you could effectively find about 50% of your competitors

customers, would you implement that change? We think so...

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This process, is how we will work hard to find those 50%~ How would you like to leverage the internet and grow your business to heights you only imagined? Do you have a product, service, information, or an idea, and need help getting it in front of the right people? Those who successfully grow their business, using the internet, do not do it alone! I have extensive experience in Business Branding through blogging, video marketing, social media marketing, keyword research, and traffic generation, to help your business take off. My specialty is the customer service business. Businesses I have actually owned or have extensive experience in.
  • Real Estate and Construction, Design
  • Restaurants
  • Business Valuation, Business Credit
  • Experiential businesses such as sport fishing, scuba diving, RV parksCamp-grounds, etc.
If you are not thoroughly convinced that we will improve  your business- You will GET DOUBLE your first month's investment back, after the first full month we have worked hard for you! ~See our Iron Clad Guarantee on our Contact Us Page~    
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Give us 17 minutes. If we fail to show you three strategies for improving your business to you haven\'t thought about, or have no time learn about, and you honestly feel we wasted your time, we will write a check for $100 in your name to meals on wheels right there on the spot!

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