Discover How You Can Get An Endless Supply
of Listing Leads  
Without Lifting a Finger 

  • NEVER "Cold Call" Again
  • No Need To Learn Any New-Fangled Complicated Technology
  • ​​STOP Wasting Time at Networking Events
  • NEVER Knock on Doors Again
  • Pick and Choose Who You Want To Work With And Refer Out The Rest 

You know that feeling ... 

Hi, I'm Troy - By the time you finish reading this letter, you're going to LOVE me!

If you're like most Business Brokers, you spend most of your day prospecting for listing leads and suffer with WILD income swings because once you have a deal, you get too busy working it and once it closes, you need to state prospecting again
... right?

Lets Face It ....


  • Learning New Technology is intimidating, frustrating and time consuming …. 

  • Cold Calling Sucks … unless you're a little twisted and enjoy rejection, getting cussed at and hung up on ..... 

  • Knocking on Doors and Networking are huge time wasters - you risk getting bitten by guard dogs, (true story, a client of mine had it happen) and there's nothing worse than getting cornered by a ½ drunk sales person in a networking event. (Yep - speaking from experience)

  • Social Media? Yea - what business owner in their right mind is going to go on Facebook or Twitter looking for a Business Broker?

So Let Me Ask You a Question:


If there was a way you could have an Endless Supply of business owners calling you to come and list their business, would you be interested?

Of course you would ..... and as you read every word of this letter, you’re going to discover an easy way to make your phone ring Without You Having To Lift A Finger.

​​​​Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Troy Forsberg, and I know exactly how you're feeling because my husband is a Business Broker.

Just a short time ago my husband was in exactly the same situation as you're probably in right now.

He was working his ass off generating leads, working and closing deals, and our income had wild swings. 

There was another BIG problem too – he was never home, and when he was, he was too tired to do anything, and mama wasn't having any fun.

You know the saying when mamas not happy, nobody happy?
Well we were at that point and something had to be done so ......

I took over a lot of the marketing for him and found that direct mail generated more leads than anything else, and it was scalable.

Want more leads, send more mail -  

Want less, send less mail – it's not rocket science, and its easy-peasy-simple.

These days, (thanks to yours truly),  he picks and chooses who he wants to work with and we have a life.

Let Me Handle Part of Your Print Media 
and Lead Generation For You

Let Me Explain

I do 99% of the back-end work for my husband. Together we design the postcards.

He comes up with the “Trigger” words, phrases, headlines and calls to action and all of the other stuff, then I take over and make it look good and deal with the printer and mail-house schedule. (He couldn't do it without me LOL)

It works for us. We now have a system, and I can easily “plug” you into it if you’d like. (The more I can get printed, the less the cost so we both win)

All you need to do provide me with the list of prospects you want to contact over the next 12 months and I’ll take it from there. If you’re not sure who you want to contact or how to get the list of names – I can point you in the right direction and you'll have your list in about 10 minutes.

Now I know you might be thinking to yourself right about now - 
this chick is crazy - I tried direct mail and it was a colossal waste of money.

And that's not surprising because there are only 2 ways to do direct mail – the right way and the wrong way – unfortunately, 95% of the people do it the wrong way once or twice and give up. 

There Are Only TWO Ways To Do Direct Mail
The Right Way and The Wrong Way 

I'll be honest …

Things Didn't Start Out This Way ... Paul and I have wasted thousands and thousands of dollars doing it wrong …. But even doing it wrong, we always got our money back so we kept at it.

Good one, bad one. Good one, bad one, and we put a tremendous amount of work and money into it. Paul is as stubborn as a mule sometimes, so we kept at it. Finally, we came across a system that works without stuffing envelopes, licking stamps, and getting writers cramp addressing envelopes. 

Direct Mail For Listings Is Like Planting Seeds in a Garden. You put this little tiny seed in the field, water it from time to time, and before you know it, you have this big crop you can harvest.

Same thing with direct mail for listings. You plant subliminal seeds, your lead funnel grows, and and soon you begin harvesting the listings.

Do you know when the best time to plant a tree is?  ...... 20 years ago.
Do you know when the second-best time to plant a tree is?  ...... Today.

So …. All things being equal …..
Do you know when the best time to start a direct mail campaign is? ...... Last Year
Do you know when the second-best time to start a direct mail campaign is? ...... Yep …  Today.

Now that we have it figured out, I'd like to share an opportunity with you.
What would I want to share this? It's math - the more I can get the printer to print, the less it costs, and we don't compete, so why not offer it to you and we BOTH get to save a little money.

"Done-For-You" Direct Mail Service

Here's What I Can Offer You

  • Customized Target Prospect List:
    This list is YOURS – you also receive mailing list in Excel with Owner name, Company name and type, along with address and phone number.  This is a Fabulous Benefit because you can look them up and quickly do research on their company before you return their call. (Makes them feel “special”).
  • OVERSIZE (6"x11") COLOR Postcard With Irresistible "Scratch To Win" Label:
    Everyone loves to be a winner, and when they scratch off the label, they ALL win!  What do they win? They win a complimentary Business Valuation.  There is no better way to create instant rapport and get in front of them in a face to face meeting than with a gift.  THIS IS A KILLER STRATEGY!
    It’s totally up to you what level of a price opinion you want to give them. The main point is you get to meet business owners face to face and begin building a relationship! Even if the timing isn’t right for them, it will be eventually, and you will be the one they call if you follow up. (Remember – selling a business is a process and people make decisions slowly).
  • Drip Direct Mail Sent To Your List:
    The purpose of a “drip” campaign is simple. If you drop to many pieces in the mail at once, you won’t have time to do all that needs to be done!

    A drip will deliver between 500 and 2,000 (depending on how many you want to deliver) per month in a weekly or bi-monthly basis, so you will have a constant flow of inbound calls coming to you in a way you can effectively handle.

Each Person Receives a Postcard From You Every 90 Days: It’s no secret – consistency is key in any marketing message or program. ESPECIALLY marketing to people who have no idea who you are, or what service you provide for them. 

The FIRST time they hear from you, some will call, some will toss your postcard in the trash, and others will put it in a safe place to be retrieved when the time comes.

The SECOND time they hear from you, you will be somewhat familiar to them because they received something from you before. NOW, they begin to NOTICE you. Some will call, others toss your card in the trash, a few will get curious and check you out online, and the rest will put your card in a safe place to be retrieved when the time comes.

The THIRD time they get your card, they will think to themselves, “oh - here’s that card again.” Some call you, some will toss it, others will look you up online, and the rest will file your card in that safe place again.

The FOURTH time they get your card, the instant they see it they think – OK…. This Person is a Professional. 

MORE calls will come in because they will feel compelled to do so. 

Because they have never been contacted with such frequency and they will want to “Check You Out.” 

Don’t get me wrong, some of your cards will end up in trash, yet an even higher percentage of your cards will get filed in that safe place.

When The Time Comes ..... AND IT WILL .....  for them to seek advice, get an opinion or to sell, they will go to that safe place, pull out your marketing material, and call you.
If they have one or more pieces of your message, all the better. They are going to call you, and only you.

Nothing Else On The Market Compares ...

Compared to all other marketing opportunities available today direct mail is by far the most effective for getting business LISTINGS, is easy-to-use, (I’ll do it for you) and best value for money a lead generation system can buy.

Lets Be Honest - You COULD Pass on This Opportunity and Do It Yourself - 

  • You Could Invest GOBS of money in Google Pay-per-click and Facebook ads ... ummmm - Good Luck With That ...
  • You Could invest $1,000 per month with the LinkedIn marketers who promise the world and deliver nothing.
  • You Could hire a telemarketer at $1.00 per dial and get leads that don’t remember even taking the call. Don’t make me go there, but My husband wasted $3,000 on telemarketers and got ZERO listings out of it.
  • You Could go bang on doors, walk in unexpectedly and interrupt people during their workday.
  • You Could go out at night doing night drop letters and risk getting bitten by a guard dogs, or waste time attending mind-numbing networking events and get a million cards from people looking for business and offering nothing in return.
  • ..... OR ....
  • You Can Call Me A.S.A.P and “plug in” to this direct mail campaign so you have listing calls coming in on a regular basis from people wanting YOUR help!

This Way ….. You Can Spend Most Of Your Time
Working On And Closing Deals 
Living Life in Between!

A No-Brainer Isn't It?

Here’s What I Can Offer You:

Done-For-You Direct Mail Service.

Designed, Printed and Mailed Postcard Promotion.

Full Color, 2 Sides with a Scratch Off Call to Action on the Card.

(This is the exact same card we use, except YOUR contact info will be on it)

Post Cards Delivered To Everyone On Your List FOUR Times Per Year.
Every 90 days they receive a postcard from you.

Drop a portion of cards 2-4 times per month – (depending on the program you pick – minimum drop is 250 pieces) 10 weeks, take 2 weeks off and repeat the process. 

This way, you get calls coming in steadily - all year long - even

when you're busy closing deals, listing leads will keep coming.

Your marketing system will be automated - all you will need to do is answer the phone and go on listing appointments.

Minimum Order:
Minimum Card Amount 5,000, and cards to go up in 5,000 increments.

5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 and 25,000 – get the point?
(If you want additional cards for night drops and handing out, no problem you can get them in increments of 1,000)

How it will work:

Postcard printing must be paid prior to printing.

6’ x 11” postcard, full color, 2 sided print – heavy duty 85lb paper - the cost for printing is 24 cents each. The price will be less per card if we can get 200,000 printed at once, the price drops significantly, and the savings will be shared by everyone. Fair enough?

There is a time delay from going to print to first drop – 5 weeks.

So, you pay for the cards up front, and your first postage charge will be 5 weeks later.

Payment for postage goes directly to mail fulfilment house under separate agreement, which you can cancel or delay delivery at anytime. To make changes with delivery, you will speak directly to the mail-house. (Don’t worry, they're very helpful, friendly and accommodating)

Mailing is done at the print house and your credit card is charged upon each drop. This way, you are not hit with a large bill at once.

To put another way, if you do 10,000 cards, that is 2500 pieces per quarter, (1,000, 1,000 and 500 per month, you only pay for the cards dropped that month.

Design and print of card = . . .  24.5 cents

Mail / Postage =  . . . . . . . . 46.5 cents

Total cost per card = . . . . . . 71.0 cents

Each Promotion will begin on the beginning of a Quarter 

I.e. January -  April -  July - October.

Before We Go Any Further, Let’s Take a Look At The Investment Cost.

Yes, you can get cheap-assed white 4”x6” postcards for less than half, but the response will be a lot less than half a well. And think for a minute -the postcard will serve as a first impression to someone who doesn't know you. Do you think your first impression of being a cheap-skate to a prospect is a good idea?

Believe me … we tried it, and if it was successful, you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

To Be Fair, Open and Honest ... nothing pulls better than a plain white envelope with a first-class stamp and a handwritten address in blue pen – nothing.

But, the cost and hours involved are NOT cheap.

Paper, envelopes, toner, stamps alone cost about $0.75 cents, then you need to fold, stuff, lick,(the glue tastes like shit) stick and seal the stamp and envelope and THEN get writer’s cramp addressing them.  If you pay someone to do it, your cost is in the $2.25 per piece range, and you STILL need to go to the Post Office!

There is one firm out there that does a nice job sending a nice first-class piece with typed address. It’s a nice piece at a cost of $2.50 EACH!

So, for an oversize, FULL COLOR Postcard, delivered to your message for less than a buck, IT'S A BARGAIN.

Let's Compare Costs on a 10,000 Piece Campaign - Shall We?

  • If you print, lick and stick first class letter yourself, (which you won’t), you'll have a terrible taste in your mouth and will cost you about $22,500
  • If you use the other firm to lick and stick for you, it’ll cost $25,000
  • Plug into my system and let me do it for you, $7,050

Kind of a “No-Brainer” isn’t it?

ONE CLOSING and the rest is 100% profit.

Do you think if you contact 2,500 business owners 4 times over the course of a year you’ll get at least one deal?

In fact, let’s take a quick look at what you can expect.  I make no promises, but this has been the typical response.

What To Expect:

What you can expect from Direct mail is a few calls on round/contact one, about 50% more calls on round/contact two, about 50-75% more calls on the third contact, and another 50% increase on the 4th round.

To put it in prospective, based on a list of 2,500 names:

Round One  . .  8 - 10 calls

Round Two  . . 10 - 20 calls

Round Three . 18 - 40 Calls

Runs Four  .  .  35 - 50 Calls

Total Approx.: 70- 120 Business Sellers Calling YOU for more information because they are wanting to or thinking about Selling Their Business.

The rest is up to you – let’s take a look at the numbers:

If the Average Business Listing is $200,000 and you get 100 calls, that puts you in front of $20,000,000 (Twenty Million) dollars with of business listings.

If you only sell ONE, you get $20,000 - $24,000 back in commission on a $7,200 investment. Would you invest $7,200 to get $24,000 back?

Imagine What Your Return Would be if You Listed 25 of Them!

Without You Having To
Lift a Finger, Stuff an Envelope,
or Lick a Stamp

Don’t Miss this Opportunity to Take Your Brokerage Practice To a Whole New Level ..... 

The Baby-Boomers are retiring – median age of a Boomer is now 61, and they
own 75% of all businesses in the United States ……

Experts are Claiming There is Will 10 TRILLION Dollars
of Business Sales Over the Next 10 Years – 
How Much of It Do You Want?


In order to capitalize on savings, the print house is on 2 week schedule – this means printing can only happen 2 -4 weeks from order (depending on the cycle).

After printing, it’s another 5 days to drop the cards which take 3 - 5 days to be delivered. After the first drop, it is done on a steady – predictable schedule, but the first order takes a bit of time.

I will be sending in the print order NO LATER than March 26. The reason being, I want to first round of cards to hit right after TAX day of April 15.


If NOW isn't a good time for you to take advantage of this AMAZING opportunity, you'll have to wait for the Fall campaign which will begin in August.

Why wait? remember the saying about planing a tree?
The best time is 20 years ago and the next best time is today? 

To get involved, grab a piece of paper, figure out how many businesses you want to contact and multiply by 4.

1,250 businesses = 5,000-piece campaign

2,500 businesses – 10,000-piece campaign

3,750 businesses – 15,000-piece campaign

5,000 businesses – 20,000-piece campaign

If you can’t afford to hit the amount of businesses you want to hit, cut down on the amount of businesses – NOT the amount of times you contact them.

Get Started TODAY!

The ABSOLUTE BEST way to contact me is by email or text.

Let me know what is the best time for me to call you back and spend 5-10 minutes on the phone.

This way, there is no frustrating “phone-tag” games or untimely interruptions.